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Silicone Rings

Women's Stackable Silicone Ring Set

Women's Stackable Silicone Ring Set

Men's Ultimate Silicone Gift Pack

Men's Ultimate Silicone Gift Pack


Silicone wedding bands for a functional alternative

Heat resistant, non-conductive, durable and impossible to scratch, silicone wedding rings are made to last. They’re perfect for high-stakes professionals from electricians to nurses, and for anyone with a highly active lifestyle. Conscious of your health? Our lightweight designs are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and BPA-free.

Traditional rings often place strain and pressure on your fingers, especially if the temperatures are on the rise. Metal-based options can sometimes squeeze your skin as well, creating unnecessary discomfort.

Designed to combat all of this, Etrnl’s range is a nod to the little things that make your day easier. Created without the heaviness of traditional alternatives, these bands are the perfect option for those looking for a lighter weight, thinner design. 

If you’re someone that’s active, lead a demanding physical job or just prefer a more versatile feel, silicone wedding bands are your go-to. From whether you’re experiencing swelling or you need a safer option to sport – these pieces are a nod to a simple reflection of your love.