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Alternative Engagement & Wedding Rings for Him

Gifting the man you love an engagement or wedding ring symbolises your love and commitment to him, which is a pretty special sentiment. With many people steering away from traditional options, the market for alternative engagement and wedding rings is booming. For many men, traditional ring options don’t hold much appeal. It might be that they have allergic reactions to certain materials, that rings get in the way of their work, or that they just don’t like the look or feel of rings or even jewellery in general. Whatever the reason, alternative engagement or wedding rings might be more attractive to the special man in your life. No one size (or style) fits all when it comes to men’s rings, so treat your loved one like the individual they are, and consider the many alternative engagement ring ideas at ETRNL. 

Popular Alternatives for Men

Let’s face it, not every man likes the idea of wearing jewellery. Depending on their job and lifestyle, wearing a ring may be more than uncomfortable; it may also be impractical, sometimes even dangerous (think of electricians). That’s where alternative rings like those crafted by ETRNL rings should be considered.  With so many alternative engagement ring ideas to choose from, there really is something to suit everyone. 

Wood Rings

For many, wood holds a special charm. For outdoor lovers, wood provides a grounding sensation and is an obvious link to the natural world. For the romantics, wood is a symbol of strength and stability, making it the perfect material to represent the union between two people in love. You can opt for a completely wooden ring, a wooden inlay, or a wooden outlay; the choice is yours! 

Black Rings

Black rings are perfect for the modern man. Their sleek and slick appearance exudes elegance and sophistication. ETRNL rings offer many different designs that can really make your black ring pop, including having a different colour inlay such as rose gold. Black zirconium rings are lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic – win, win, win!

Silicone Rings

Okay, it’s fair to say that silicone rings aren’t the most obvious choice for a special occasion ring, but they really do afford many benefits. They are perfect for men who lead an active lifestyle or work manual labour. Silicone rings are about comfort and style. They are hypoallergenic, scratch resistant and super affordable. A silicone ring makes a statement of love without all the hoopla – perfect for a no-fuss kind of guy. 

Matte-Style Rings

Shiny smooth finishes aren’t to everyone’s liking. Matte-style rings are perfect for those who prefer something a little more understated. Matte rings are usually made from titanium, making them an attractive option for those of us who’d just like to wear and forget. Titanium is known for being durable, lightweight, and rust-resistant. Titanium rings are scratch resistant and very easy to care for, not requiring any special treatment to keep them looking sharp. See what we mean by wear and forget?  


Tungsten’s main drawcard is that it’s ten times stronger than gold! This means it’s an extremely durable material that’s perfect as an engagement ring or a wedding ring for an active man. Tungsten is a very practical alternative ring option, particularly because it can withstand knocks and bumps and not look any worse for wear. 

How Much Are Engagement Rings Typically?

Engagement rings can vary significantly in price. The cost of a ring really depends on a range of factors, such as the material used, whether the ring incorporates any gemstones, the workmanship, the design, and, of course your budget. An engagement ring is a symbol and a promise of love into the future which means it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. 

When it comes to more traditional engagement rings, it’s not uncommon for the price to run into hundreds and even thousands of dollars. However, there are so many alternative engagement rings on offer that celebrate individuality and won’t break the bank, leaving you more money to spend on other things, such as creating memories on your honeymoon! If you want your significant other to feel like the unique flower that they are, consider shopping for an alternative engagement ring from ETRNL rings. We offer a range of unique engagement rings for men that will surely inspire a loving commitment for years to come.

Do Men Typically Get Engagement Rings?

If you’ve ever watched a romantic Hollywood film, chances are you’ve witnessed an extravagant wedding proposal which most likely involved the female lead being given a beautiful engagement ring as a celebration of the couple’s love and upcoming union. While we typically associate engagement rings with women, there is no reason why men shouldn’t also be gifted an engagement ring. After all, getting engaged or married doesn’t just happen to one person. With changing trends, it has become more popular for males to be gifted engagement rings too. Changing trends also means that traditional ring options aren’t the go-to anymore. The availability of alternative ring materials and designs mean that it’s easier than ever to find a ring that will be just right for your partner. 

Looking for the Perfect Alternative Engagement Ring?

Engagement and wedding rings have a long history. Many couples still like the idea of celebrating their love with a ring that they can wear as a reminder of their union without necessarily opting for traditional styles. Fortunately, ETRNL rings offer a vast array of alternative engagement ring options in terms of material, colour, and design. Explore the ETRNL ring range to find something that’s right for you or the special someone in your life.