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Size Guide

Check out our helpful sizing options below

Ring Sizing Kit

Option 1

Order Our Ring Sizing Kit

The most accurate way to help you figure out what size will fit best.

1Insert your finger into the plastic ring gauge until you find a good fit.

2Slide the sizer on and off your finger and over the knuckle a few times.

3For comparison, try one size above and below.

4Ring sizing kit is refunded when you purchase a ring.

Ring Sizer-etrnl

Option 2

Order Our Plastic Ring Sizer

An accurate way to help you figure out what size will fit best.

1Relax your hand, place the sizer on your finger and pull.

2The sizer should be snug, but still able to slide over the knuckle.

3Ensure you are comfortable with the size.

4Ring sizer is refunded when you purchase a ring.


How To Measure Your Ring Size

A great at home way to find your ring size using some household items.

1Wrap a piece of string around the base of your finger.

2Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen.

3Measure the string or paper with a ruler.

4Pick the closest measurement on the ring size conversion chart.

Option 4

Check out our Online Sizer

This option is for when you have an existing ring to measure.

1Select a ring from your current jewellry collection.

2Place the ring on a circle within the chart below, matching the inside edge of the ring to the circle closest in size.

3Should your size fall between two circles we recommend the following.
          – Silicone rings size down.
          – Tungsten rings size up.

Option 5

The Paper Sizer

This option will give you an indication of your size, not always perfect.

1Print and cut out ring sizer . Make a small slit next to the arrow.

2Slip the pointed end of the ring sizer through the slit.

3Secure sizer around the widest part of the intended finger.

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