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Our bestselling wooden wedding rings

Metal rings have always been the ‘gold standard’ and are about as common as it gets. And we love them—particularly the titanium and tungsten varieties.

But if you’re looking for something a little bit different from the metal rings you see everywhere, you may have met your match with a wooden ring. With no two created the same, this is a solid and beautiful option that is easy on the eyes, wallet, and environment.

So here are our top FAQ’s on wooden wedding rings and why ours are selling out every time we relist.

Why are men’s wooden wedding rings so popular?

If you’re not used to wearing something on your finger, or don’t like the feel of heavy, cold metal, wooden rings are perfect. They are much lighter, with many of our customers telling us they can barely feel it on their hand compared to a metal alternative. They’re also perfect for our customers who have an allergy or intolerance to metal rings on their skin.

Since wood is also non-conductive, it feels much warmer and more natural on your finger.

They also have some serious character, so be prepared for compliments on your unique piece. Where most metals look roughly the same with the exception of colour, wood has that beautiful grain to it that reminds you that no one else has a ring that looks exactly like yours.

Are wooden wedding rings for men or women?

Both! Suitable for men and women, these unique rings are available in a range of options to suit your unique style.  For men, this includes options for wooden only or wood/ metal inlay. Our most popular wooden rings are Polished Wood, Tungsten Ring with Wood Accent, and the gorgeous 6mm Black Wood Inlay Ring.

And for the ladies, we have Blackwood Inlay Titanium Ring and the Wood Inlay Titanium Ring.

With plenty of options for colour, contrasting inlays, and grooves, so you can create a style that’s perfect for you.  

Can I wear my wooden ring in the shower?

Wooden rings are water-resistant, but not water-proof. This means if you’re just washing your hands (which hopefully is happening a lot these days) you’re fine. But if you are planning a long swim or luxurious soak in the bubble-bath, it’s probably a good idea to take it off.

Ditto if you’re going headed into salty seawater or a chlorine pool. Then it’s a good idea to take all jewellery off anyway, or consider a silicone band.

How do I care for a wooden ring?  

Woden rings don’t need that much care. You can keep it looking shiny by polishing with a soft cloth. Best to not expose it to too much water or harsh chemicals, like cleaning products that can wear away the surface over time. Also protecting your ring (and finger obviously) from impact. Wood will dent if it takes a direct hit (not recommended), but often these dents and knicks can be sanded out of the ring if necessary.  

Can you get a wooden ring resized?

Size yourself carefully (at different times of day) because these beauties can’t be resized. Wood just isn’t malleable enough.  

But since it has such a good price point, most people choose to buy a second ring if their first one becomes too large or small over the years, or if their finger size changes too much in different seasons.  

Is a wooden band a good ring for you? 

If you want something a bit different, have great style, aren’t really interested in a traditional metal band, or have an allergy to metal, a wooden ring could tick all the boxes. 

They are beautifully unique, come in a range of styles and colours, and are one of the most affordable rings on the market. 

And if you give it just a little TLC, it will be a true heirloom you can pass down in the future to your loved ones. 

Want to see more? Check out our range of beautifully-designed ETRNL wooden rings for men and women. 

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