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What is a signet ring and how do you wear it?

If you’re looking for a traditional piece of jewellery that you can stamp with your own personal style, look no further. Signets make the perfect personalised choice (or gift) that is as classic as it is on-trend.

Traditional signet rings have been crowning pinkies for thousands of years as a way to show a man’s status or nobility. They have a very distinctive design, with sloping sides and flat top in an oval, square, rectangle, or narrow bar shape.

The flat bit on the top was for an engraved family design or crest, monogram, or family initials, and was actually historically used to seal the wax on an envelope. “Signus” is Latin for “sign,” as these were used in place of a signature for many thousands of years across different civilisations-- very handy for signing documents when most of nobility was still illiterate!

Passed down through generations as treasured family heirlooms, the traditional stuffy signet has had a modern makeover, and the minimalist and contemporary designs are flying off our shelves. So let’s break down some of those FAQs.

Men’s signet rings vs women’s signet rings

Move over, Al Pacino— though traditionally designed for men, these days signets are equally for men and women. Nineteenth century women began wearing a slimmer version of the signet set with a stone.
For signet rings in women’s sizes, check out our 6mm bar signet rings in silver, gold, black and gunmetal grey. Our signet rings are available in sizes for men and women, with sizes from 4.5 to 13.

How do you wear a signet ring? Which finger does a signet ring go on?

Short answer? No rules. In Britain it’s traditionally worn on the left pinkie finger (a la Prince Charles), but Churchill wore his on his right ring finger—so you do you.

There’s been debate for centuries over whether the engraving should face toward the wearer (to remind them where they come from) or facing away, to show the world. Again, your call.

Either way, these rings embody class (literally), style, and sophistication. They’re a bold fashion choice but match pretty much anything, so they are very easy to wear, whether you’re rocking a formal suit/ dress or sweats and white trainers.

Silver signet rings and our most popular colours

Our range of signets are all made from stainless steel—making our rings durable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable to wear all day. We then finish each one in gold, silver, black, or gunmetal grey.

All of our signet rings are a minimalist style, creating a timeless and classic accessory that you can wear as-is or engrave as you like. And you don’t need a family crest-- a meaningful date, picture, word, or initials are perfect—whatever speaks to you!

So whether you’re looking into alternative wedding rings or just a statement accessory with a history of style, you can’t go wrong here.

Check out new range of classic signet rings, with free express shipping with purchases over $65.

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